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Hello! I am Margo aka Sealskin,  singer, music producer and sound alchemist.

In over 10 years of experience and creative investigation in sound and music my focus has always been - to know my deepest being and transmit from that place

All my life I was drawn to music, art and spiritual practices...

And one day I managed to merge all my passions & abundant experiences - song writing, music production, live performance, languages, spiritual practices

into a unique and alive form of art - healing creative acts.

All the music lives, courses, and sessions I give come from sacred healing spaces.


I feel connection with the beauty and power of nature, forest, the world of the ocean - whales, dolphins, and magical worlds too. I believe they are healing spaces too.




On concerts, my work is to create such a healing space and immerse the audience in these worlds, facilitate a space to feel deep and live through your feelings, touch the divine, transit into a new state of lightness and love. 



Creation of music in alignment with the Heart is a way of healing the collective, awakening, liberation, and activation of creative energy. 



It works from local to global. One small immersive concert can create waves of changes in the audience, then the city, country, planet. 



Music is vibration and vibration propagates in space. We create our future with how we live our now. Music is my instrument  to heal the soul - from local to global. 



My wish is to create music on live shows around the world, share love and beauty.


As once was said ´´Beauty will save the world´´. I feel truly blessed to be an ambassador of Mother Nature Beauty and Magical Worlds into Music. 

After years of channeling insights and cosmic energies into music I began working with people, as music producer, creative coach and mediator.

I learnt to feel, see, hear and channel information I perceived from people into soundscapes and music.


This felt as a direct way to connect people with their unique nature, soul beauty and sound, deep insights, and mainly harmony.

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