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This course will help if you:

Want to express yourself authentically 
Want to learn
vocal sound healing
Look for inner power in moments of difficulty or insecurity
Feel a hidden power
in your voice
Desire to learn self-healing in autonomy and awareness
Feel a calling to connect with your true voice
Want guidance to explore
yourself though the voice
Feel attracted to shamanic singing
or light language
Want to feel secure speaking and expressing yourself
Sign me up!

Discover your Voice as a healing & creative instrument 

to navigate and explore your own inner universe, transform emotional states,

release blocks in your body and reach states of peace, harmony, clarity and empowerment

Tune into your body, soul and spirit through intentional vocal practice

and learn to facilitate healing energy with your voice  

Awake the unique vibration of your voice

and experiment free intuitive singing, shamanic singing, light language expression,

And more for you to experience on our program - Voice Your Place of Power

Testimonials, Gulnar, fairytale therapist

I came to the course with the intention to explore myself through the voice, the voice as an instrument of communication with oneself, with the world, and my own channel.


I saw the voice as a living space inside myself, which began to come alive with my attention and conscious communication with it.


My voice is the space of living knowledge that led me through fears, this is the pure space that connects me with the original essence of me, bypassing mind and mental attitudes. Now I have a super tool for working with myself, with my body, with my world...working with my voice enriches and nourishes me.


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