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How I remembered my voice. Healing Voice stories.

Dear beloved woman, keeper of inner fire, primordial creatrix.

This message is for you.

Let´s sit by the fire together and sing along from the very deep of the story we women all know, as we´ve been weaving it since the beginning of all matter.

That Voice starts their, a voice that remembers, a voice that knows,

it guides and farewells, heals and talks language of spirit and soul.

And every living woman has connection to the stories and wise powers

that this voice holds.

All the lineages of our ancestors, different civilisations and times we were born into and had lived in, through many lives, all this runs in our DNA, in all living matter. The memory, the Music, the Knowledge.

And one day it may call you

It may call you to help you remember and recollect all your gifts and powers.

It may call you to support you and pass on the wisdom.

It will call you always in certain right time.

But your eyes, your ears, your heart, your womb must be ready, must be sensitive, open, attentive and in acceptance and trust

This is our heritage

Our music and songs

All Earth has seen

All is our heritage

To connect with the voice every woman has as heritage by nature

Is enough to look deep within,

to start a heartfelt dialogue,

to truly dive and navigate,

talk to nature,

remember our language - intuition

When my voice, the voice of my spirit, the voice of my soul wisdom started calling me, growing through and manifesting its power, I was so mesmerised by the overwhelming beauty and healing magic of that remembrance process.

I had activations every single day for over a year, as the memory and knowledge were pouring through me.

At that time I would experience tremendous nostalgia and longing for starry sky, ground, grass, nature, silence.

I was living in Barcelona, it was 2020. By that time had not seen and felt real fire for over 5 years. I was missing it so much - true elements, nature, simple life. As if it was in my blood.

With that longing a series of remembrances were occurring, i would have visions from different places of Earth, I was remembering songs of ancient times, native people and very old civilisations. My voice was awakening into its true power, bringing up with its sound activations from past lives where i was a shaman and healer.

This brought me to start passing the experience and activate other women into their remembrance. It is a deeply familiar feeling to hear a woman sing from her true nature and memory of her lineage and soul experience. It is a journey, it is a soothing lullaby, an empowering shakti flow or cleansing and healing shamanic voicing. We women know this,

it´s been our work to voice through life and voice through death.

When our voices of Earth come up from the deepness into the world,

and start weaving the new world, i wonder how will our present world change.

I know Mother Earth is united with us in that choir.

I know this is where she is guiding us. As we are one with her.

Below I´d like to share some music born from a deep dialogue with our tremendously beautiful planet Earth and her women.

(c) Sealskin music official

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