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How to create a community based on love, unity and harmony? Women communities in 2024.

Online and offline women communities are an important living ecosystem that is driving the world to awareness, healing and renovation. But what kind of communities really and actually weave a new world of love and unity?

How to create a community rooted in heart connections, equality, love, genuine contribution and common evolution & co-creation? As these are the kind of communities I imagine we want the world to be impacted by today, as this is where we want to be as humanity.

Here are some core & crucial ¨ ingredients ¨ a community needs to feed on in order to be a living and thriving heart space.

  • Being honest and transparent, in contact with your own truth is one of the core conditions for a living women community to flourish and grow rooted in love and unity. And this concerns every member of a community, essentially starting from the core, the women who started it and maintain the space, and spreading onto the growing circles. Openness and clarity of intention birth higher possibility of mutual acceptance, peace and honest co-creation

  • Pure intentions are key in the creation of heart, unity, love rooted community. Intention at the moment of entering a community, creating it or being part of it decides the development and affects the field of it. A living community with a purpose of creating heart connections and grow sense of unity among women speaks for itself - here is the core and main intention on entering it, creating it and being part of it

  • Growing and empowering heart connections, gatherings, honesty, sisterhood, sharing ideas and visions, co-creating is a beauitiful process of weaving a matrix of love and unity, new Earth matrix.

  • Organic growth is the way such community evolves naturally maintaining its essence and intimacy, but it does grow steadily, while all the above is in balance.

  • Non-control, letting all impulses and initiatives flow in freely and find their space to be told and heard.

  • Evolving and changing constantly in accordance with the soul & spirit of community and its living values, as individually, so as one

These are the main ingredients I figured are core and essential in the existance of a living heart rooted community.

This observation and knowing comes from an experience of creating our community One Goddess. The name is inspired in the multitude of goddess experiences and her endless faces and qualities that can be beautifully contemplated in different women so all in one as a unity.

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