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Mental and emotional equilibrium as core value today. Hearing your intuition and finding a place of power in your voice.

Mental and emotional equilibrium & autonomy, rooted in a place of power within, a place of inner knowing and intuition, is the nucleus, the core of a harmonious balanced life.

How to hear your intuition and find your voice in moments of feeling mental chaos and overreacting to circumstances or certain information attack?

I believe that today the craft of navigating your self-awareness, keeping your integrity and being rooted in your own intuition and truth, is highly important.

What drives your actions and feelings?

Is it love and peace? Or is it fear and insecurity?

Who do you listen to when taking a decision?

Your inner calling full of security and peace? Inspiration and trust?

Do you feel that you are the one who creates the matrix, the world you live in?

Or does it happen that you loose your peace of mind & soul affected by outside influences that can undermine your connection to self, to your intuition and inner knowing?

There are many ways of returning to inner balance.

Nurturing your core and inner place of power, reinforcing your autonomy and emotional stability, being awake in awareness. And making any choices and decisions out of that kind of zen and own gut feeling, or just knowing.

For years of personal investigation, I have paved paths to my inner place of power, choosing inner light and knowing, through meditation, art, creativity, voice and more.

One of the major tools that never fails as core instrument or additional one, is the Voice. Sound is a powerful route of creation, releasing, structuring and materialising.

We do not use our voices in daily life with the purpose of authentic self-expression, apart from talking in a certain manner. Meanwhile using voice as a vehicle of energy release,

self - help, relaxation, meditation and more is something always available.

Voice that was set free and recognised in its volume and essence can bring a healing, totally empowering and liberating us, making us whole.

I would like to share some tools for you to get inspired with or apply

in your life daily practice.

Let me start with music i created purposefully for calming down and connecting to inner spaces of soul & spirit to remember your peace and knowing there.

SOUND MANDALA is a collection of meditative and immersive sound journeys inspired by nature and made to connect with your inner sense of home, presence, and timelessness. These are spaces to explore within yourself to gain peace of mind and clarity. All of these sound mandalas were created in personal sound channeling sessions and during my online healing voice program Voice - Your Place of Power.

Another output of meditative therapeutic self-empowering investigation focused on voice and sound healing has been my podcast in Spanish,

Healing Voice, La Voz tu Lugar de Poder.

On my live sessions in Barcelona and occasionally other Spanish cities I share my techniques and do healing voice channeling for people who attend. Inner peace and creative alchemy is the core of my work and values. Uniting communities, being present, listening and hearing, healing the collective soul and co-creating.

With that intention I recorded my voice techniques for inner balance and remembrance into a course - Voice your place of power, that now is available for a personal experience.

I hope this article inspires you and helps you on your path to inner place of power and autonomy. You are welcome to reach out for personal work with me or to try my course and the free material i share.

Let you voice be your true place of power!

With love and respect,

Margo Sealskin

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