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Voice your place of power, individual plan | English

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Weekly subscription for individual plan

Embark on a meditative journey of self-discovery with healing voice exploration course for women. This program welcomes women who are eager to explore the healing and transformative power of their voice. Gift yourself this 1 month of individual experience of the course for women. Enjoy curated audio-visual material for individual exploration, 2 zoom meetings with Margo at the beginning and in the end of program and a chat in telegram/whatsup. Voice your place of power is a journey into the spaces of your soul through sound, in the process of which you will reveal your natural Voice and master the Voice as a tool for working with state, consciousness and body. This an authentic guide to intentional Vocal practice as a personal or facilitated ritual. - Connect with your true essence and authentically express yourself from an inner place of power - Feel and channel the music of your soul - Activate the unique vibration of your voice - Learn to enter healing ecstatic states with your voice - Develop the flow of the body to let the creative energy and sound move freely - Distinguish your sound among the high level of noise around and be in touch with your truth - Unleash your spiritual richness and authentic magnetism to attract your people, your places, and what truly resonates with you Voice becomes a navigator to your remembrance, mastery and healing power. Your Voice is the Space where everything is present and clear, it is your inner place of power, place of healing. This is your Home.

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