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Voice your place of power with personal guidance | English

  • 55Days
  • 16Steps


Single Payment
Weekly subscription for guided course

Voice your place of power is a journey into the spaces of your soul through sound, in the process of which you will connect to your Voice and work with state, consciousness and body. Voice becomes a navigator to your remembrance, mastery and healing power. You become a place of power. Your Voice is the Space where everything is present and clear, it is your inner place of power, place of healing. Embark on a meditative journey of self-discovery with healing voice exploration course. This program welcomes women who are eager to explore the healing and transformative power of their voice. Gift yourself this 2 month program with online live guidance of Margo Sealskin music and enjoy a real time zoom session 1 per / week, audio-visual material for individual exploration and a personal chat for direct communication and guidance. This an authentic guide into intentional Vocal practice as a personal or facilitated ritual. - Connect with your true essence and authentically express yourself from an inner place of power - Feel and channel the music of your soul - Activate the unique vibration of your voice - Learn to enter healing ecstatic states with your voice - Develop the flow of the body to let the creative energy and sound move freely - Distinguish your sound among the high level of noise around and be in touch with your truth - Unleash your spiritual richness and authentic magnetism to attract your people, your places, and what truly resonates with you How to reserve your spot ? Become member of the website subscribing to it, via creating your login (password and gmail). Then purchase the program using a weekly plan or paying total amount

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app


  • Meeting 1 - Breathing & Sounding
  • Round up your practice with a short questionnaire
  • Meeting 2 - Body & Voice warm up core practices
  • Survey: Meeting 2 - Body & Voice warm up core practices
  • Questionnaire



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