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´Why are you here´ film experience

  • 30Days
  • 3Steps



´Why are you here´ is an audiovisual transcendental experience that will inspire you to a new creative cycle! Once upon a time Cosmic Alice was born on planet Earth. Roaming through forests, swamps and labyrinths she was seeking for the answer to her question ¨Why am i here?´´. Till one day she understood - the answer to this question lies in other spaces. The short film “Why are you here?” explores the concept of soulful cinema through immersive cinema experience. It invites you to a soul to soul conversation, a shamanic journey into the subconscious - to the most sacred and subtle places of your soul. In the core of this experience the viewer will immerse into a special and unique audio-visual journey. Story, Video and Sound will be the guides. You will be prepared through the talk with the voice and meditation that shall help you go deeper into yourself. The game has begun! THOSE WHO WATCHED SAY : ´This is a guidance in the process of transition´ ´Ít is like a compass for creative process´ ´Ít is about becoming adult, growing up´ ´Ít is an authentic self exploration´ ´This movie is a pillar ´ ´For me, it was a soulful conversation, revelation…´ ´I entered this experience many times and each time connected with something new and important to me. Total transcendence!´ ´It is a shamanic journey into the subconscious´ ´For me it was a joyous dive into the essence, simple and true´ ´It is a search for answers through creative process´

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